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I have experience in nutrition, counselling, naturopathy and natural therapies. Personal experience has helped direct me to supporting others with the same conditions that I suffered with for years. I have experience working with adults, teenagers and children with experience in teaching, counselling and support services. 

Emma 07545567382 

Counselling, life coaching, nutrition, lifestyle changes and spiritual wellbeing. I can offer you a program that works for you, we are all individuals so therefore we need an individualised package to suit our needs and personalities. 

Start living a more meaningful, fulfilling and joyful life, 1:1 tailored sessions either online or face to face to suit your needs. I am here to help and guide you to be able to take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing, giving you the tools and information so you can take control. Create a more positive mindset and achieve your goals whether they are health, relationship, employment or emotional; I can help you find more peace and happiness. 

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